Monday, November 12, 2012

JD-800 Cosmic Universe Patches

"Original 64 patches and 1 complete Special Setup for the Roland JD-800.

These patches have been designed for maximum usability on a single bank featuring these categories:

16 Lead patches, from screaming leads to mellow tones.

8 Bass patches with fat, depth and fullness.

12 Pad patches for multi usage backgrounds or even solo for composite material.

4 String patches emulating and carefully programmed to sound similar to the famed Strings card.

8 F/X patches of special effects, with emphasis on usability, not just meaningless resonant beeps.

16 Pulse Sequence patches similar to an arpeggiator, only more complex and even more fun to use.

Special Setup
This patch set includes an original Special Setup that can be used for all the extra add on drum cards:
SL-JD80-01 Drums & Percussion STANDARD
SL-JD80-02 Drums & Percussion DANCE
SL-JD80-03 Rock Drums
By combining common usage that exists on these 3 cards, it’s possible to create a full drum map across all 61 keys that ensure a wide mix of usable drums for your mixes.

Careful and intrinsic programming ensures the highest quality in audio.

Some patches have taken years to develop to maturity.

An example of this dedicated algorithmic programming, it’s possible to achieve a split keyboard with TWO completely different sounds with ONE partial!

Pulse Sequences:

Something special with this set of patches are the 16 creative Pulse Sequence patches.

Especially created for use in single mode, offers versatile performance playing.

- Play a chord with the left hand and strike a melody with your right hand, it plays along perfectly.
- Use both hands to hold chords and listen to the evolving landscapes the sequences offer.
- Change the tempo using the LFO sliders - customize instantly to your playing style.

What’s more, each patch offers easy alterations of the design, the partials are pre-selected for easy editing!

Along with the purchase of the patches is a full patch list (PDF file) which you can use to reference to creating complete songs using the 6 part multitimbral capabilities of the JD-800.

At such a cheap price - what have you got to lose? Don’t risk cheating yourself from pure inspiration of playing and delving into deeper programming that these patches can offer you.

PayPal is the preferred method of payment. This is for our mutual protection against fraud.
However, I do accept other methods of payment.
Please feel free to ask me any questions.

After purchase and confirmed payment, you will receive e-mail (within 1 day / 24 hours) with attached .SYX file for use to load the patches into your JD-800.
Instructions are sent via e-mail on how to do this.
Also attached is .PDF file of full patch list in each category.
FULL support is given on how to get the patches into your JD-800.“

$9.95USD Contact:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Buchla 249e for Sale

via Todd Barton aka vgermuse

"This Buchla 249e is in pristine cosmetic and operational shape. I am the original owner. It is, of course, pre v30 and comes with original documentation and firmware card. A very rare and amazing module!

Click the pic for the super size shot.

Update: this item is no longer for sale.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Custom Moog Moogerfooger Modular

via this auction (cross-posted on M)
"This was a beautiful labor of love, but euro has taken over my life and bank account. i'm selling this as a complete system. not interested in parting it out. not interested in trades. local pickup would kick ass. also, i might need a hug from whoever buys this.


slim phatty
mf-101 low pass filter
mf-102 ring modulator
mf-103 12-stage phaser
mf-104z analog delay
mf-105m midi murf
mf-107 freqbox
cp-251 control processor
vx-351 voyager cv expander
mp-201 multi-pedal
(2) moogerfooger rackmount kits
(1) cp-251/vx-351 rackmount kit
(1) slim phatty rackmount kit
voodoo labs pedal power 2 plus
neutrik nys-spp-l patchbay
custom patchbay template
custom fabricated a&s folding flight case
quiklok folding stand
(48) custom mogami trs patch cables (routed to patch bay)
(30) hosa trs cables (for external patching)

it sounds like this:

my three sons by dj twin infants
twin sister remix competition - dj twin infants by dj twin infants

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

monstrumWave 2.5, Full Version Available Now!!!

monstrumMedia proudly announces monstrumWave 2.5 Final, available now from for $39.99!

monstrumWave 2.5 is a cross-platform (Win/Mac/Linux) fully featured standalone and VST/AU MIDI/Sysex editor for the Waldorf Microwave II, XT and XTk synthesizers.

If you just want some info or are interested in beta testing the features to the next 3.0 update including a fully featured, interactive wavetable editor, or the upcoming editor for the waldorf pulse, pulse+, pulse 2 or other projects, check in at

Here are four demonstration videos showing monstrumWave 2.5 in action!

monstrumWave 2.5 Demo - Arpeggiator + Mod Matrix
monstrumWave 2.5 Demo - Wave Envelope + Modulation Matrix
monstrumWave 2.5 Demo - use within FLstudio
monstrumWave 2.5 Demo - Arpeggiator + Analog In

monstrumWave 2.5 can be yours now, just head over to and prepare to get kicked out of your apartment for noise complaints!!!

Update via Rob Wentz the developer in the comments below: "Just wanted to follow up here that monstrumWaveXT is currently a stand-alone editor, VST/AU functionality has been "downgraded" to "beta" status.

This is all because I restructured things so now monstrumWaveXT does not require any ctrlr install to work. There is a monstrumWaveXT application file for the stand-alone editor (which now has full wavetable and waveform editing and arrangement ability!) and there is a beta VST for os x and one for Windows. Development is ongoing and I'm getting a lot of great feedback from users, so the "beta" should be lifted from the name in due time.

Also on a similar note I recently released an editor -monstrumWave1 for the original Waldorf Microwave. It has all of the features monstrumWaveXT has in terms of parameter AND waveform/wavetable editing capabilities."

Syntorial: The Ultimate Synthesizer Tutorial

On Kickstarter

"Syntorial - The Ultimate Synthesizer Tutorial

Syntorial is a fully interactive training program designed to help users program sounds quicker and easier. Syntorial differs from other synth tutorials in two very important ways:

1. It's software. The current offerings of synth tutorials are either books, videos, articles or websites. And while they can only present information, a program can interact with the user. And that's just what Syntorial does. Through a series of challenges Syntorial gradually builds up your sound design skills so that by the end of the entire tutorial, you're doing it. "Look Ma!"

2. Most tutorials focus on the technical ins-and-outs of synthesizers. Or, they show you how to make a few specific sounds. They fail to address the MOST important skill needed to program synthesizers: a trained ear. Using our Synthesis By Ear method, Syntorial takes you step-by-step through 58 different common synth parameters and trains your ear to instantly recognize how each one effects sound. "Seriosuly, Ma! Look at me! I'm doin' it!!!"

We've launched a KickStarter campaign to help finish development and get Syntorial out into the world. Go to to learn more."

This one also posted on MATRIXSYNTH here.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Analog Synthesis Course by MusicInclusive LLC

"MusicInclusive™ LLC is an Indie label and publishing company that is also interested in artist education. They will be offering two 3-day live instructor-led hands-on courses in analog synthesis at the Marriott Hotel, Mechanisburg, PA, one starting Oct 17 and one Dec 18, entitled:

ANALOG SYNTHESIS (1.25V) - SYNTHESIZER PROGRAMMING : "How to make the knobs, dials, sliders, cables - and yes, even keyboards - do something cool!"

The course will cover the basics of analog synthesis - from psychoacoustics to waveforms, from oscillators to filters, from envelopes to patches. Training is open for anyone - from senior high-school to professional musician - and is designed to teach you how to make the best use of your analog synthesizer or VST® or RTAS® plugin, iPad® synthesizer application such as Animoog® or the the Korg iMS-20®, or any rack or patch-based digital or modeling or keyboard synthesizer based on an analog foundation.

Students will learn how to generate, modify and shape waveforms to produce all kinds of sounds - from emulating natural instruments to grungy synth basses and sparkling synth leads - from sound effects to space music, and you will get hands-on experience using both real and virtual synthesizers in the classroom.

Detailed information may be found here:

Places are limited to ONLY 12 ATTENDEES PER CLASS and if you are interested in securing a place, you may BOOK NOW directly on the site here:

If you want more information, send an email to:

We have other courses in the works as well - on Animoog and the iMS-20 - which will be followup classes to the Analog Synthesis class and will build on the principles learned there.

See you on the 17th October!"

Monday, August 20, 2012

monstrumWave - Waldorf Microwave II/XT/XTk Editor

Just an overview, this can be run in standalone mode or as a vst inside your favorite DAW.. so you basically can use the panel like you would any VST synth emulator, except the sound engine is the actual piece of gear. TONS of features here, lots of things you can't do with the synth alone, and added GUI enhancements for easy parameter settings and visual ques.

Key Features:
Wave and Free envelopes can be edited as an actual envelope plotted on an x-y grid. time/level parameters can be set simultaneously by moving a single point on the envelope. Loop Key on and Loop Key Off are also nicely visualized on the envelope, if enabled.

Arpeggiator editor! - select any preset arp pattern and send it to a user pattern where you can edit the pattern to your liking. Red LEDs indicate preset pattern, Blue LEDs indicate user pattern.

Context sensitive knobs/dropdowns for things like Wave startwave, OSC pitchbend range, LFO delay, filter 1 extra, effects.

Pitch sliders for both Oscillators
Building off the Osc Link and Wave Link on the original synth which links modulation, you can also link parameter changes, or you can link both parameters and modulations, so adjust osc1 semitone/octave/etc, osc2 follows.

Besides all this functionality, the general consensus is that this thing just looks bad ass.

Additional notes:
When you change programs on the panel the panel sends a note off command and a program request, then sends a dump request to the synth, so all knobs/sliders/etc even the program name update on the panel to match the synth program's name and parameters.
Built in software program manager gives you the ability to save backups of your favorite programs to the panel for later use.

Ability to Load sysex/midi files from panel to the synth.

I've had a 2.x version of this panel available for free for the past year which has been downloaded several thousand times before removing the link from sourceforge this weekend when I launched the new demo.

monstrum Wave 2.5 will be available for sale soon on

Upcoming features for monstrumWave 3.0 later in the year:
Wavetable Editor - it's massive. it's beautiful. it's coming soon.
Multimode Support, including multiPart step editor (arpeggiator x10)
Modulation Matrix Reloaded (map ANY parameter to an X Y surface)

Current release notes for the free demo version of monstrumWave (2.498):

monstrumWave 2.498 BETA
August 18, 2012

New Features since 2.2:

Compatible with nightly CTRLR revs 1100< *Arpeggiator can now be edited in user mode!! *Fully interactive visual envelope editors for free and wave envelope!! Program Name now displays on-screen in the mock XT LCD screen!! MIDI in from synth LED indicator on panel, LCD contrast control Dozens of new dynamic components which appear only when available for current parameter settings (Distortion Effect Amp Type, Filter 1 Wave, etc) "Parameter Link" allows linking of Osc1 and Osc2 parameters as well as Wave1 and Wave2. Can also simultaneously link Osc/Wave parameters and modulation. "Init All" button initializes all sliders and selector boxes from max to min value. Double click any knob/slider to reset value. DEMO RESTRICTIONS: no sysex dumps to/from synth no MultiMode *Know this: -- This revision is limited to Device ID 0. Synth must be set to this ID for successful communication between the panel and synth. -- Attempting to edit preset arpeggiator pattern on red LED step buttons will change the arp mode automatically to "User" mode. After the blue User LED arp step buttons appear you may edit the arpeggiator steps. -- Some quirkyness will be noticed when dragging points on Free & Wave envelopes Current quick fix is to double click the envelope to redraw. "Quirkyness" does not effect the values being sent to the synth. --Effect parameters (p1, p2, p3) may slide out of range when switching between effect types and adjusting p1-3 due to waldorf bug. Current quick fix is to set effects drop down to "off", then back to desired effect. INSTALLATION: ****This beta release of monstrumWave requires you download and install the latest build of ctrlr for your operating system. ****The latest ctrlr builds are hosted at, under the "Downloads" page. Save the monstrumWaveBeta.bpanelz to a desired location on your hard drive. Install Ctrlr following the installation notes currently on the ctrlr download page ->
Pay special attention to your os's approprate VST/AU path when installing ctrlr.

Using monstrumWave
Either Open ctrlr in standalone mode (recommended) or open your favorite DAW, then load a ctrlr vst instance.

In vst mode, you must enter the panel properties (red "HAL" icon in tool bar or right click>panel properties) and adjust the MIDI settings properly.
Recommended settings: enable "Accept MIDI from Host", "MIDI Input goes to Comparator" and "Output MIDI to Host".

Set the MIDI I/O Devices appropriately. MIDI Devices are selected in the toolbar at the top. Leftmost selection box is the Input Device and channel. Output Device and channel is set to the right.

You should be able to take off running from here if you have things set right.

If you are not familiar with ctrlr, I recomend spending some time looking through the forums at to get a feel for things.

please report any issues/bugs/suggestions to:


Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Electronic" - New UK Magazine Launches Worldwide

"Electronic" is a new music magazine launched today in the United Kingdom, and is available via mail order worldwide. While music-orientated rather than gear-orientated, the magazine will no doubt still be of interest to synth aficionados everywhere.

Among the artists featured in the first issue are Can, Underworld, Twin Shadow, Gary Numan, John Foxx, Silver Apples, A Guy Called Gerald, interviews with the founder fathers of Detroit Techno, and retrospectives on The Human League and Kraftwerk.

"Electronic" is available in UK stores from 20th July. To order a copy outside the UK visit:

Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to find out more.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sequentix P3 For Sale

via this auction

"I am selling a sequential P3 sequencer designed and built by Colin Fraiser. This is one of around 200 that were built as production units. Many of these were built as kits and don't have the build quality that this one has. Worried about solar flares? This unit sports a heavy duty metal case with rack ears. I also have the wooden sides if you you are going for the retro look over the industrial. The LCD is new, original units had a green LCD that burned out. This P3 also has the MEMX expansion but the unit has an older more stable OS. All of the information you need can be found on the sequentix website.

The P3 Sequencer is an 8 track, hardware MIDI sequencer, with a user interface comprised of knobs, keys and LEDs. A sixteen character by two line PLED display provides confirmation of pattern data and access to advanced features and configuration options.

P3 allows real-time control of track mutes and simple pattern or pattern chain selection across multiple tracks, plus analogue-style editing of patterns. Each of its 384 patterns has independent values for note, velocity, tie, gate, length, gate delay, and a combination of up to four MIDI controllers, extra notes, or 'auxiliary events', per step.

P3's unique auxiliary events allow the creation of dynamically self-modifying patterns. They can grab values from other tracks, randomise steps, alter track and global settings, and much more. There are three modulation 'accumulators' per track, that can be used as LFOs, perform arpeggiation effects or enable complex pattern progressions. Furthermore, you can assign front panel knobs to modify or mask these events in real-time, allowing you to create interactive patterns that change predictably as you adjust the knobs - varying in complexity, controlling levels of randomness, even 'morphing' from one pattern to another.

A Force-to-scale option provides preset and user-defined scales to keep everything in key (but defeat-able per pattern step if required), and a configurable 'change mode' allows patterns with different lengths and/or time-bases to free-run, or be synced to a global bar.

P3 has a user configurable memory organisation that allows 3 banks of 16, 6 banks of 8, or 12 banks of 4 sixteen step patterns per track (a total of 384 patterns). Pattern length can be set from 1 to 16 steps, and multiple patterns can be chained in 'playlists' of up to 8 stages, with up to 8 repeats per stage. RAM is battery backed, and can be dumped and loaded via sysex. Each track can output on a selectable MIDI channel, or multiple tracks can be assigned to the same channel.

There are three modes of operation - play, playlist edit and pattern edit. Mode changes are allowed while the sequencer is running. In fact, the only time you need to stop P3 is for a sysex dump or firmware upgrade.

In play mode, tracks can be muted and unmuted, and 'parts' can be selected individually or in chains. Parts are used to store pattern selections (playlists) for each track, and other settings such as global transpose and force-to-scale settings.

playlist edit mode is used to select the pattern, or sequence of patterns, that will play on each track - including options for individual pattern transpose and a 'global bar' system that can keep varying length patterns running in step.

pattern edit mode is where patterns can be created and modified using the 16 step keys, and 32 knobs. The key function can be rotated between gate, tie (which can control a TB303 style auto-slide), skip and Xd (transpose defeat). The tri-colour LEDs show the current state at each step for the selected function. Pattern length can be set using a soft function key, and various other features such as pattern rotate, copy & paste, randomisation, and data 'sculpting' are present. The lower knobs are dedicated to note selection. The upper knobs can be switched between velocity, gate length, step delay and the four auxiliary functions. The auxiliaries can be assigned per pattern to any combination of MIDI continuous controllers, or the auxiliary events.

There's also a real-time record feature, that allows you to quickly enter a pattern from a master keyboard, before making fine adjustments with the knobs. Or you can over-dub new note and velocity values from your keyboard, without affecting the existing pattern rhythm. With auxes assigned to play extra notes, you can make your pattern up to 5 note polyphonic, and real-time record will record polyphonic patterns straight from a MIDI keyboard. An arpeggio capture mode allows you to use P3 like an arpeggiator, with the ability to store arpeggios as normal patterns. Internal resolution is 48 ppqn, which allows fine-tuning of step delay to create the same shuffle effects as the TR909, but with the ability to apply a different shuffle value to each step.

The unit has MIDI in, four MIDI out (single bus) and sync connections. It can run as tempo master or sync to MIDI clock, and outputs DIN sync and clock-only MIDI from a dedicated SYNC output.

For a complete description of the functionality, please consult the user manual.

The P3 CPU supports firmware updates via MIDI SysEx, so frequent new features (and occasional bug fixes) are easily added - no nasty messing about with processor swaps, and posting chips back and forth !

Details of the sysex message format for firmware update can be found here. An excellent Windows utility (written by a keen P3 owner) for sysex pattern management and firmware update is available from the Downloads area. Alternatively, the .syx update files can be replayed using any sysex utility that supports raw sysex dump files. I highly recommend the excellent MIDIOx for this."

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Roland Juno-106 With Custom Maple Panels

Currently listed on Craigslist Seattle

The seller prefers a local sale.

"This synth is is great working condition.

All 6 voices work
Battery works
Custom maple side panels
Digital copy of manual and factory patches can be provided
BONUS: buy this synth and I'll give you the double-tier stand that it's resting on

I'm moving and need to clear out. I'll miss this guy greatly. Come by Fremont and give it a spin.

If you don't like my reasonable and fair asking price, MAKE ME AN OFFER."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012


edith lettner und martin kratochwil improvised 1 - 5

YouTube Published on May 10, 2012 by pianoloft

"free improvised music with sax-player edith lettner and martin kratochwil, useing roland gaia synth and a piano, recorded at the 3raumanatomietheater in vienna."

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Haken Audio Continuum Fingerboard Half Size Special White

For sale on
"Zu Verkaufen. Mit Travel Case.

Hier ist er also , der kleine Bruder the Continuum Fingerboard - halfsize Designed von Dr. Lippold Haken und hergestellt bei Haken Audio, the Continuum Fingerboard ist ein Midi Performance Kontroller mit bisher nie dagewesener Bespielbarkeit in realtime. Intern besitzt er einen Synthesizer mit tollen und wirklich brauchbaren atmosphärischen und drastischen Sounds und das ganze polyphon. Der Continuum ist einmal Half-size (knapp 4 Oktaven ) und in Full-size (fast 8 Oktaven)zu bekommen. Das Continuum Fingerboard verarbeitet simultan Daten für den X, Y und Z Bereichen für ein bis maximal 16 Finger. X (links <> rechts) überträgt die Tonhöhe für jede einzelne Note. Dieser Parameter kann von leichtem Vibrato bis hin zu dramatischen Notenintervallen über die gesamte Spieloberfläche führen. Ein Zoll auf der X Achse entspricht einer Spanne von 184 Cent (73 Cent pro cm). Die komplette Tonspanne des Fullsize Continuum Fingerboards entspricht fast 8 Oktaven. Jeder Fingerkontakt auf dem Spielbereich generiert dazu Y (rauf / runter) Wert min/max sowie Z (Druck) für die Anschlagdynamik.

Features: Besonderheiten des Continuum und seine Funktionen: - 16 stimmige, 3D Polyphony mit besonders optimiertem MIDI Signalfluss. - Interner Soundprozessor welcher speziell auf die expressionistischen Möglichkeiten des Continuum angepasst wurde. - Die Tonhöhenskalierung erlaubt stufenlose polyphone Glissandos und extrem feine Intervalle im Nu umzusetzen. - ultraschnelles Ansprechverhalten ungeachtet der Polyphony. - Konfigurierbar via Oberflächeneingabe, externem Computer Editor oder MIDI Eingang. - verbesserte Kommunikation zur DSP Hardware von Symbolic Sound Corporation. - Die interne Pitch Funktion erlaubt gestimmte Tonlagen bis hin zu "temperierten" Stimmungen und andere Nutzer-definierbare Skalierungen.Dieser Prozess arbeitet intelligent, akkurat und erhält Vibrato & Glissando Effekte. - Die Pitch Funktion bietet skalierbare und nicht lineare Pitch Einstellungen für die Continuum Oberfläche. - Eine innovative 2-Pedal Unterstützung incl. Dynamischen Sustain und Sostenuto erlauben fortlaufende Kontrolle für gehaltene Noten. - Im Mono-Modus werden diverse Parameter mehrfach und zugleich zur Verfügung gestellt. - Anpassbare Pitchbend-Range um extere MIDI Expander zu steuern. - "Druck und Loslassen" können als individuelle MIDI Controlelr programmiert werden. - Mit dem Continuum Voltage Converter (CVC) können analoge Synthesizer direkt angeschlossen und gespielt werden. - Konfigurierbare MIDI Splits um mit verschiedenen Zonen-Setups zu arbeiten.

Anschlüsse: MIDI In + Out, Kopfhörer, AES3, Port für CVC Audio Output (Analog): 24 bit D/A, up to 5.1v p-p, 100 mW power Audio Output (Digital): 24 bit AES3, 48 or 96 khz sample rate or sync to AES3 input Audio Input (Digital): 24 bit AES3, sample rates from 32 to 192 khz
Maße und Gewicht

Maße :71 x 19 x 7.5 cm Gewicht :7,3 kg Strom :40 Watt, 110 oder 220 Volt"

Mutator von Mutronics Stereo Analoge Filter For Sale

For sale on

"The Mutator is a stereo analogue filter and envelope follower with full control facilities. It contains two independent voltage controlled filters similar to those found in analogue synthesizers, which can be used to treat any external sound source. Each filter can be controlled from its own associated low frequency oscillator (LFO) and/or its own envelope follower section, which extracts the envelope contour of an input signal and applies it to control the cut-off frequency of the filter.

Each envelope follower can be switched to track either the envelope of the sound that is being treated by the filter, or that of an independent external control signal. This external control signal can be any audio source , eg. a drum sound, a guitar, a synth, a sampler output, or even a microphone. Thus the envelope characteristics of one sound can be superimposed onto the filtering contour of another.

Another switch on the envelope follower selects envelope follow mode or gate mode - in which the circuit detects whether a signal is above a certain threshold level before switching on.

In gate mode, the device can operate much like a dedicated noise gate unit, with the added capabilities of the analogue filter

The LFO's have four different sweep waveforms each and may be switched via a stereo link to produce stereo panning effects."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Qonquer Death - Just Watch EP

"Qonquer Death - Just Watch EP"

Electro-Funk EP released by God Made Us Fonky Records.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dagda's Arp EP

"Dagda's Arp EP is the first collaboration between European musicians Zoë Blade and PIG. These low tech mixes are a stark contrast to the forthcoming album's clean versions, replacing the glossy softsynth parts with a multitracked Doepfer A-100 for a grittier, raw feel. From clangourous homebrewed drums made out of repurposed household objects, to modular analogue synthesiser parts, to bittersweet orchestral strings, this is a quirky, innovative release that spans a wide range of sounds. It is unashamedly amateur and experimental, proving once more that passion and experimentation win out over received wisdom."

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For Those About To Techno… by Mercurius FM

The new EP by
Mercurius FM, For Those About To Techno... A 5 track techno record stuffed to gills with crushing drums & disgusting synths! The follow up to Mercurius FM's 2011 release, 1997, he does a solid and gives us 5 rougher and tougher trax!

Mercurius FM has been previously supported by seminel dance artists such as Justice, MSTRKRFT, Felix Da Housecat, Acid Jack and more... This EP will continue the trend of loud blaring techno in clubs. Best of all... it's totally free!

Track list:
1. Sentinel (Original Mix) 03:56
2. 909 In My Spine ft Defblindmute (Original Mix) 04:58
3. Unicorn Techno (Original Mix) 03:30
4. Death Wobble (Original Mix) 04:56
5. Juggernaut (Original Mix) 04:57


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Friday, April 6, 2012

Analog Lab Tech Mentoring Course

"Do you wish you were able to fix and maintain your own gear? Ever wanted to know what an oscilloscope does and how to use it?
The Analog Lab offers a complete technical hands-on mentoring program for those individuals who have an interest in being a professional gear tech or gear designer. Classes meet twice a week for three months and cover subjects such as electronic safety, components, circuit design (using examples from classic analog synths), etc. Each student chooses their own final repair or build project so you come away with a new or restored piece of gear! Jeff Blenkinsopp, The Sonic Wizard, administers classes and has been involved with analog synthesizers and their design and repair for more than 30 years. You can read more of Jeff's bio here:

You will leave the course with a "real world" education that you can't get anywhere else!

There are no more than 6 students to a class so don't delay signing up!

The next course starts the last week of April!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This Thing We Must Do, Never Knowing & One Second Before Nothing

YouTube Uploaded by JohnLRice on Apr 3, 2012

“A simple ‘live’ music performance featuring FantomXR (piano), 5U modular synth (noise, sequence, percussion, drone) and photos added later.”

One Second Before Nothing

Uploaded by JohnLRice on Apr 4, 2012

"If you had one second left to live, and everyone else along with all of mankind's history and achievements and the entire planet only had 1 second left, what would be your final thought? What would be most important to you? What would you wish you would have time for? What wrongs would you wish you could resolve? You most likely have a lot more than 1 second right now, so why are you not spending the time thinking about and acting on that which is truly important to you?"

Monday, April 2, 2012


YouTube Uploaded by maxwell schoenbaum on Apr 2, 2012

"Long lost KINGLOG, what was in his head had been misplaced, he had everything leftover and shelved. These diagrams of the North came to mind which row is the coldest row?



TR-707, Korg Radias, Electric Bass, Loop Pedal

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Modified Elektron Octatrack

"Modified Elektron Octatrack With SPDIF 24bits, WordClock, New Hifi capacitors

works Perfectly

+ Coaxial SPDIF 24-bit, 44.1Khz (used with or without WordClock)
+ Wordclock output to syncro
+ Change of the output capacitors / Headphones
Supplied with 2 power European/french 220V supplies + 4GB kingston Map
I'm selling it because I changed my set Audio.
Never in concert with, Non smoking studio.
Octatrack modified by a former French engineer of "Atoll Electronique"
International delivery"

On Ebay US and Ebay FR

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Summer Requiem EP - Adam Pietruszko

"New EP from the creator of KNOBZ.NET!

These relaxing tracks were inspired by late summer/autumn in the countryside, where I moved lately.
They tell a story of how summer passed away...

Analog, modular synth sounds + nature sounds + some "traditional" stuff...


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Altera Orbe - Ambient Music Label

Altera Orbe - Ambient Record Label by Altera Orbe

"Altera Orbe is an independent music label owned and managed by the ambient artists Ran Kirlian & Landru. It is mainly focused on the promotion and diffusion of space, electronic, tribal and dark ambient musical genres. Altera Orbe borns as a digital download division of ad21music label as they will focus exclusively on the release, distribution and mailorder sales of physical products from now on.

In our website ( you may find an online CD & Digital Download Store supporting the works and projects of the artists that belong to the label: Bruno Sanfilippo, Landru, Max Corbacho, Ran Kirlian and our partners from Relaxed Machinery record label. Our Digital Download products are offered both in high quality lossless FLAC files and MP3 files including a complete set of the Cover Artwork in a hi-resolution print ready format, all packaged in a single file for simpler and faster downloading with affordable prices."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Klirrfaktor "AN4LOG" 100% modular album

10 free downloadcodes:


More info @

Monday, February 13, 2012


YouTube Uploaded by pianoloft on Feb 13, 2012

"it´s just sound. waves of sound, leaving the ground, dissolving shapes, loosing stability. sound is created with DEMENTIA DM-1 by AUDIBLE DISEASE, connected with RAINBOW MACHINE by EARTHQUAKER and a Delay. Get in the spaceship and take off !"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hartmann Neuron For Sale

"Hartmann Neuron in 'as new' conditions, it's to consider rare today because out of production from years.. It's really impressive, cool for pads, ambinet sounds, ethereal drones! a lot of amazing features and illumination like an alien starship. Fully working of course, Great bargain price of 3500 euro. I can ship worldwide or local pick up in nord Italy, paypal accepted."

Contact: aries300 at

This has been sold.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

OSCar Synthesizer For Sale

This one is available on trademe

"Full service and battery replaced 10 years ago. Midi version. In excellent condition for age. Some of the rubber bits are cracked (only visible with a keen eye, see pictures) Getting rarer. 220VAC. Includes manual. Price in NZ$. Price includes postage to UK, US, AUS, EUROPE."

Friday, February 3, 2012



Electro Producer uses Vintage Synths to Create Modern Sounds
Seeks New Approaches to Success as an Independent Artist

Buzzing basses, searing pads, thick drums—it’s hard to imagine that the sounds on OPERATOR’s debut EP RHAAAWWWGH! were made with technologies that have been around since the 60s. But while some of the technology may be dated, the sound is not. By combining analog synths with new, digital technologies and utilizing a radical approach to dance music production, OPERATOR has created a unique brand of electro that he believes is more “human” than so much of today’s “digital sounds.”

OPERATOR’s business model also couldn’t be further from tradition. By releasing the EP on his own label—TriSqrSaw Records—and using the power of the web and social media as promotional tools, OPERATOR has blazed a trail for himself in the independent music marketplace. Indie artists are more empowered than ever nowadays, and OPERATOR is using that to his full advantage by working with Baseware, a division of Beatport that facilitates online distribution for independent artists.

With the help of his supporters, OPERATOR was also able raise enough money through the fundraising site to print a limited run of the EP on vinyl. The records will be available on his website, operator-­‐ You can also join OPERATOR’s growing community through facebook, twitter, and soundcloud (links below.)

RHAAAWWWGH! also features remix artists from three continents, | vo§uru | from Russia, What Is Lost, originally from Italy, now based in Berlin, and Todd Barton from the US. OPERATOR met | vo§uru | (who will be featured on the B side of the vinyl release) on soundcloud. After hearing some of his productions, OPERATOR approached him about a remix.

“It attests to the power of the internet to bring people together who would probably otherwise never cross paths,” OPERATOR says. He believes that having such disparate producers adds a great variety and uniqueness to the EP and hopes to work with them again.

The man behind OPERATOR, Joel Henigson, started playing music at age eight, starting on piano and guitar before moving into songwriting and computer production. In 2009, he graduated Suma Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelors of Music in Songwriting. Over the years he has become entrenched in electronic music production and works as a producer, performer, and teacher in Oregon. He owns his own studio, The Laboratory Music Studios, where he produces and writes.

TriSqrSaw Records was founded in 2011 as a home for OPERATOR and other likeminded independent artists. Featuring electro, techno, and other genres of electronic music, TriSqrSaw releases in digital formats as well as vinyl."

Thursday, January 26, 2012

verstaerker "barrique ep"

You can find verstaerker's "barrique ep" as netaudio-download available on

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nicht Modern (Modular System & Voice Synth App for iPad)

YouTube Uploaded by TheKlirrfaktor on Jan 10, 2012

"Playing with my little modular system and the new Voice Synth App for iPad/iPhone.
Voice Synth doesn't support MIDI and the I/O of the Alesis iO Dock. So i used iRig & a preamp to connect the Blue Baby Bottle.
However - i think Voice Synth will be a lo of fun :)

Beats: MFB Schlagzwerg, + ART Pro Channel, WMD Geiger, Wasp Filter, 4ms Noise Swash +++
Bass 1: Din Sync OSC 303 + Malekko Wiard Borg Filter
Bass 2: Bubblesound uLFO + Division 6 Filtare SEII modulatet by MakeNoise Maths & TipTop Z8000
Sequence: Makenoise René + Hertz Donut + Doepfer A-199 + A-106-1 +T.C. D-Two

I hope you enjoy the track!

A hires photo of the patch:

More at:"

ADSR - Jonti (Stones Throw Records)

"Eclectic Stone's Throw artist Jonti joins us to talk about how he produced his debut album Twirligig,

Jonti is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist and has worked with the likes of Mark Ronson, Hodgy Beats, Santigold, Jon Wayne and more.

Featuring these - Moog Opus, Analogue Solutions Telemark, SP404, Launchpad, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, MAX/MSP visuals and other good stuff.

For more on Jonti head to

You can find a FREE Download of his latest album here.

For more on Tooths: for videos.

Friday, January 20, 2012


YouTube Uploaded by pianoloft on Jan 20, 2012

"I think, the SHERMAN FILTERBANK is one of the best analog filters ever built. It owns a warm sound with a lot of possibilities of distortion and a great screaming resonance. It allows endless combinations of its components, so you can discover surpriseing results, also if you are very familiar to it. ROTA-SYNTH is a desktop analogue 8-step sequencer, coupled with a monophonic analogue synthesizer. It is very useful because of it´s intuitive handling. I like both instruments because of their unique and individual character. ENJOY!"
TRAX on eBay

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Book Of Fixed Stars" - by ekkoarkitekt (aka Anders Mortensen).

"Music for spacewalks and empty cities at night! The new album consists of a series of electronic instrumentals, which are created on some of the analog synthesizers of yesterday. These form a collection of soundpictures, that exists on the border between music and installation art. Interweaved sonic textures, where the shaping, structure and composition of sounds, are forming musical sculptures and organic spaces of sound. All music composed, produced and mixed by Anders Mortensen / ekkoarkitekt Instruments used: Roland Jupiter 8, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Yamaha CS-50, Minimoog Voyager and Eurorack Modular Synthesizer. Anders Mortensen is educated as a pianist and composer from the Conservatory Of Rythmic Music in Copenhagen, where he has studied with a.o. Django Bates and John Taylor." Book Of Fixed Stars by ekkoarkitekt
"Contact me ( if you´d like to buy the cd. Price is 15 USD worldwide shipping included. Payment via paypal. The album is also available for download on itunes or amazon."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

song on the fly with lilian fritz

YouTube Uploaded by pianoloft on Jan 11, 2012 "lilian fritz: vocals, lyrics, martin kratochwil: electronics,piano "songs on the fly" means creating songs out of the moment, without plan, just improvising. the music is recorded on tape directly. it is, what it is, no overdubs, no editing, that´s it.a celebration of the moment." Instruments: "Roland Gaia, Korg ER1, Omnichord by Folktek, Rota Synth, MAM AFB8, Alesis Philtre, Sherman Filterbank, Line 6 echo park and the electro piano Yamaha P-155."

Monday, January 9, 2012

Access Virus Indigo For Sale

This item is SOLD.
"Price is $900.00 including shipping within the continental U.S., please email pasoconotaku at hotmail dot com for questions or to purchase. International customers please inquire for shipping rates.

This is essentially the Access Virus KB but in a convenient 37 key format.

In the last six months I have replaced the internal battery, replaced several of the pots that were not secure, and also completely disassembled the key assembly and cleaned the keys themselves as well as the key contacts. It is in good shape for its age, it has some scratches but the frame is aluminum...everything is sturdy and nothing ugly about it however please review the photos provided to be sure the physical condition meets your expectations.

Here are the only issues of this keyboard that I am aware of. None of these problems have affected my experience with the keyboard but I do not wish for the buyer to have any surprises when they receive the item:There are some scratches/marks on the frame, nothing out of the ordinary for a keyboard of this age.There are a couple of minor quirks of the Access Virus B's (this includes the Access Virus Indigo for sale) design which I want to clarify, if you have any questions about these please ask: The headphone jack is slightly noisy. This is best described as just a subtle consistent hiss/white noise type sound, the main outputs function without this noise, it is exclusive to the headphone output.The rocker switch for power must be engaged firmly or it will not power on the keyboard.

What you get:

1. A securely packed Access Virus Indigo keyboard (this is not my first synth sale!).

2. The appropriate power cord.