Friday, April 6, 2012

Analog Lab Tech Mentoring Course

"Do you wish you were able to fix and maintain your own gear? Ever wanted to know what an oscilloscope does and how to use it?
The Analog Lab offers a complete technical hands-on mentoring program for those individuals who have an interest in being a professional gear tech or gear designer. Classes meet twice a week for three months and cover subjects such as electronic safety, components, circuit design (using examples from classic analog synths), etc. Each student chooses their own final repair or build project so you come away with a new or restored piece of gear! Jeff Blenkinsopp, The Sonic Wizard, administers classes and has been involved with analog synthesizers and their design and repair for more than 30 years. You can read more of Jeff's bio here:

You will leave the course with a "real world" education that you can't get anywhere else!

There are no more than 6 students to a class so don't delay signing up!

The next course starts the last week of April!


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