Thursday, August 23, 2012

Analog Synthesis Course by MusicInclusive LLC

"MusicInclusive™ LLC is an Indie label and publishing company that is also interested in artist education. They will be offering two 3-day live instructor-led hands-on courses in analog synthesis at the Marriott Hotel, Mechanisburg, PA, one starting Oct 17 and one Dec 18, entitled:

ANALOG SYNTHESIS (1.25V) - SYNTHESIZER PROGRAMMING : "How to make the knobs, dials, sliders, cables - and yes, even keyboards - do something cool!"

The course will cover the basics of analog synthesis - from psychoacoustics to waveforms, from oscillators to filters, from envelopes to patches. Training is open for anyone - from senior high-school to professional musician - and is designed to teach you how to make the best use of your analog synthesizer or VST® or RTAS® plugin, iPad® synthesizer application such as Animoog® or the the Korg iMS-20®, or any rack or patch-based digital or modeling or keyboard synthesizer based on an analog foundation.

Students will learn how to generate, modify and shape waveforms to produce all kinds of sounds - from emulating natural instruments to grungy synth basses and sparkling synth leads - from sound effects to space music, and you will get hands-on experience using both real and virtual synthesizers in the classroom.

Detailed information may be found here:

Places are limited to ONLY 12 ATTENDEES PER CLASS and if you are interested in securing a place, you may BOOK NOW directly on the site here:

If you want more information, send an email to:

We have other courses in the works as well - on Animoog and the iMS-20 - which will be followup classes to the Analog Synthesis class and will build on the principles learned there.

See you on the 17th October!"

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