Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Modified Elektron Octatrack

"Modified Elektron Octatrack With SPDIF 24bits, WordClock, New Hifi capacitors

works Perfectly

+ Coaxial SPDIF 24-bit, 44.1Khz (used with or without WordClock)
+ Wordclock output to syncro
+ Change of the output capacitors / Headphones
Supplied with 2 power European/french 220V supplies + 4GB kingston Map
I'm selling it because I changed my set Audio.
Never in concert with, Non smoking studio.
Octatrack modified by a former French engineer of "Atoll Electronique"
International delivery"

On Ebay US and Ebay FR


  1. I own an amplifier from Atoll electronique, they make quality product, mostly audiophile stuff.

  2. Can you give me some advice how did you modified it?
    I need spdif out of my octatrack but how did you make it? : )

  3. What is the value of the output caps? Man, I really want to do this upgrade, too!