Thursday, January 26, 2012

verstaerker "barrique ep"

You can find verstaerker's "barrique ep" as netaudio-download available on

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nicht Modern (Modular System & Voice Synth App for iPad)

YouTube Uploaded by TheKlirrfaktor on Jan 10, 2012

"Playing with my little modular system and the new Voice Synth App for iPad/iPhone.
Voice Synth doesn't support MIDI and the I/O of the Alesis iO Dock. So i used iRig & a preamp to connect the Blue Baby Bottle.
However - i think Voice Synth will be a lo of fun :)

Beats: MFB Schlagzwerg, + ART Pro Channel, WMD Geiger, Wasp Filter, 4ms Noise Swash +++
Bass 1: Din Sync OSC 303 + Malekko Wiard Borg Filter
Bass 2: Bubblesound uLFO + Division 6 Filtare SEII modulatet by MakeNoise Maths & TipTop Z8000
Sequence: Makenoise René + Hertz Donut + Doepfer A-199 + A-106-1 +T.C. D-Two

I hope you enjoy the track!

A hires photo of the patch:

More at:"

ADSR - Jonti (Stones Throw Records)

"Eclectic Stone's Throw artist Jonti joins us to talk about how he produced his debut album Twirligig,

Jonti is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist and has worked with the likes of Mark Ronson, Hodgy Beats, Santigold, Jon Wayne and more.

Featuring these - Moog Opus, Analogue Solutions Telemark, SP404, Launchpad, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, MAX/MSP visuals and other good stuff.

For more on Jonti head to

You can find a FREE Download of his latest album here.

For more on Tooths: for videos.

Friday, January 20, 2012


YouTube Uploaded by pianoloft on Jan 20, 2012

"I think, the SHERMAN FILTERBANK is one of the best analog filters ever built. It owns a warm sound with a lot of possibilities of distortion and a great screaming resonance. It allows endless combinations of its components, so you can discover surpriseing results, also if you are very familiar to it. ROTA-SYNTH is a desktop analogue 8-step sequencer, coupled with a monophonic analogue synthesizer. It is very useful because of it´s intuitive handling. I like both instruments because of their unique and individual character. ENJOY!"
TRAX on eBay

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Book Of Fixed Stars" - by ekkoarkitekt (aka Anders Mortensen).

"Music for spacewalks and empty cities at night! The new album consists of a series of electronic instrumentals, which are created on some of the analog synthesizers of yesterday. These form a collection of soundpictures, that exists on the border between music and installation art. Interweaved sonic textures, where the shaping, structure and composition of sounds, are forming musical sculptures and organic spaces of sound. All music composed, produced and mixed by Anders Mortensen / ekkoarkitekt Instruments used: Roland Jupiter 8, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Yamaha CS-50, Minimoog Voyager and Eurorack Modular Synthesizer. Anders Mortensen is educated as a pianist and composer from the Conservatory Of Rythmic Music in Copenhagen, where he has studied with a.o. Django Bates and John Taylor." Book Of Fixed Stars by ekkoarkitekt
"Contact me ( if you´d like to buy the cd. Price is 15 USD worldwide shipping included. Payment via paypal. The album is also available for download on itunes or amazon."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

song on the fly with lilian fritz

YouTube Uploaded by pianoloft on Jan 11, 2012 "lilian fritz: vocals, lyrics, martin kratochwil: electronics,piano "songs on the fly" means creating songs out of the moment, without plan, just improvising. the music is recorded on tape directly. it is, what it is, no overdubs, no editing, that´s it.a celebration of the moment." Instruments: "Roland Gaia, Korg ER1, Omnichord by Folktek, Rota Synth, MAM AFB8, Alesis Philtre, Sherman Filterbank, Line 6 echo park and the electro piano Yamaha P-155."

Monday, January 9, 2012

Access Virus Indigo For Sale

This item is SOLD.
"Price is $900.00 including shipping within the continental U.S., please email pasoconotaku at hotmail dot com for questions or to purchase. International customers please inquire for shipping rates.

This is essentially the Access Virus KB but in a convenient 37 key format.

In the last six months I have replaced the internal battery, replaced several of the pots that were not secure, and also completely disassembled the key assembly and cleaned the keys themselves as well as the key contacts. It is in good shape for its age, it has some scratches but the frame is aluminum...everything is sturdy and nothing ugly about it however please review the photos provided to be sure the physical condition meets your expectations.

Here are the only issues of this keyboard that I am aware of. None of these problems have affected my experience with the keyboard but I do not wish for the buyer to have any surprises when they receive the item:There are some scratches/marks on the frame, nothing out of the ordinary for a keyboard of this age.There are a couple of minor quirks of the Access Virus B's (this includes the Access Virus Indigo for sale) design which I want to clarify, if you have any questions about these please ask: The headphone jack is slightly noisy. This is best described as just a subtle consistent hiss/white noise type sound, the main outputs function without this noise, it is exclusive to the headphone output.The rocker switch for power must be engaged firmly or it will not power on the keyboard.

What you get:

1. A securely packed Access Virus Indigo keyboard (this is not my first synth sale!).

2. The appropriate power cord.