Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Klirrfaktor "AN4LOG" 100% modular album

10 free downloadcodes:



More info @ www.klirrfaktor.com

Monday, February 13, 2012


YouTube Uploaded by pianoloft on Feb 13, 2012

"it´s just sound. waves of sound, leaving the ground, dissolving shapes, loosing stability. sound is created with DEMENTIA DM-1 by AUDIBLE DISEASE, connected with RAINBOW MACHINE by EARTHQUAKER and a Delay. Get in the spaceship and take off !"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hartmann Neuron For Sale

"Hartmann Neuron in 'as new' conditions, it's to consider rare today because out of production from years.. It's really impressive, cool for pads, ambinet sounds, ethereal drones! a lot of amazing features and illumination like an alien starship. Fully working of course, Great bargain price of 3500 euro. I can ship worldwide or local pick up in nord Italy, paypal accepted."

Contact: aries300 at gmail.com

This has been sold.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

OSCar Synthesizer For Sale

This one is available on trademe

"Full service and battery replaced 10 years ago. Midi version. In excellent condition for age. Some of the rubber bits are cracked (only visible with a keen eye, see pictures) Getting rarer. 220VAC. Includes manual. Price in NZ$. Price includes postage to UK, US, AUS, EUROPE."

Friday, February 3, 2012



Electro Producer uses Vintage Synths to Create Modern Sounds
Seeks New Approaches to Success as an Independent Artist

Buzzing basses, searing pads, thick drums—it’s hard to imagine that the sounds on OPERATOR’s debut EP RHAAAWWWGH! were made with technologies that have been around since the 60s. But while some of the technology may be dated, the sound is not. By combining analog synths with new, digital technologies and utilizing a radical approach to dance music production, OPERATOR has created a unique brand of electro that he believes is more “human” than so much of today’s “digital sounds.”

OPERATOR’s business model also couldn’t be further from tradition. By releasing the EP on his own label—TriSqrSaw Records—and using the power of the web and social media as promotional tools, OPERATOR has blazed a trail for himself in the independent music marketplace. Indie artists are more empowered than ever nowadays, and OPERATOR is using that to his full advantage by working with Baseware, a division of Beatport that facilitates online distribution for independent artists.

With the help of his supporters, OPERATOR was also able raise enough money through the fundraising site Kickstarter.com to print a limited run of the EP on vinyl. The records will be available on his website, operator-­‐music.com. You can also join OPERATOR’s growing community through facebook, twitter, and soundcloud (links below.)

RHAAAWWWGH! also features remix artists from three continents, | vo§uru | from Russia, What Is Lost, originally from Italy, now based in Berlin, and Todd Barton from the US. OPERATOR met | vo§uru | (who will be featured on the B side of the vinyl release) on soundcloud. After hearing some of his productions, OPERATOR approached him about a remix.

“It attests to the power of the internet to bring people together who would probably otherwise never cross paths,” OPERATOR says. He believes that having such disparate producers adds a great variety and uniqueness to the EP and hopes to work with them again.

The man behind OPERATOR, Joel Henigson, started playing music at age eight, starting on piano and guitar before moving into songwriting and computer production. In 2009, he graduated Suma Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelors of Music in Songwriting. Over the years he has become entrenched in electronic music production and works as a producer, performer, and teacher in Oregon. He owns his own studio, The Laboratory Music Studios, where he produces and writes.

TriSqrSaw Records was founded in 2011 as a home for OPERATOR and other likeminded independent artists. Featuring electro, techno, and other genres of electronic music, TriSqrSaw releases in digital formats as well as vinyl."