Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Synton Fenix analog modular for auction! (PRICE DROP!)

For sale via this auction
"Extremely rare Synton Fenix analog modular synthesizer, hand built in 1997-98 in the Netherlands. This unit is one of 75 ever produced! The Fenix is a highly sought after analog modular popularized by Aphex Twin on his Analord albums (see video below for an example). I've owned this Fenix for nearly a decade, after trading for it with a respected member of the Analogue Heaven mailing list. The Fenix is a truly unique instrument, and I wish I were able to keep it.

The following items are included in the auction:

Synton Fenix analog modular synthesizer
Primary power supply with a converter for U.S. power outlets
Secondary power supply
Extra back panel with power chassis - should anything ever happen to the original power chassis, you have a backup!

31 Unique Modules: LFO1, LFO2, LFO3, VCO1, VCO2, VCO3, VCF1, VCF2, VCF3, Comperator, Mixer1, Mixer2, Mixer3, EG1, EG2, EG3, VCA1, VCA2, VCA3, VCA4, Slew Limiter, Sample & Hold, Portamento, Noise Generator, Ring Modulator1, Ring Modulator2, CV Mixer1, CV Mixer2, Audio In Processor1, Audio In Processor2, Audio Out

Cosmetic Condition: Excellent. There are a few very minor scratches on the back panel and sides from rack wear, but the face of the Fenix is in extremely good condition. This unit has been kept in a smoke-free environment, and I've never gigged with it.

Operational Condition: Very good. All modules are 100% operational and functional. There are four slightly scratchy pots: VCF1 Frequency, VCF1 Resonance, VCF3 Frequency, and VC3 Resonance. These could easily be cleaned and/or repaired by a tech or an experienced audiophile.

Bid With Confidence: In addition to spotless eBay feedback, I have successfully sold many high dollar value items via the Analogue Heaven mailing list over the years. You can find my seller feedback there by searching the Analogue Heaven archives for my email address: josh (at) digiradi.com

(Note: The above email address is now obsolete, please use eBay's messaging system to contact me!)

Shipping: Please ignore the shipping costs that are estimated below, as that is a just a ballpark figure. Final shipping costs will depend on carrier, location, and shipping options. The Fenix will be professionally packed (double boxed, insured, etc.). I will pay for all packing costs. Buyer is responsible for all actual shipping services such as insurance, tracking, overnight, or 2/3-day service. I will provide a detailed receipt of the shipping costs to the Buyer.

"Note: The Fenix is available for local pickup in the San Francisco Bay Area."

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