Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Beast Modded Roland TR-606 For Sale - SN #001 of 7

via this auction
"One of the greatest cult legend drum machines of all time, behold serial number one, the first of only 7 ever made. The following is adapted from the website:

The fluidity of the 606, Roland's *only* drum machine that can switch seamlessly between write and play modes, is well known, however the static sound and poor interfacing leaves it wanting.
TheBeast Modification addresses these issues.

Before modification all original components are cleaned and / or replaced
All tact switches are replaced using genuine alps parts (not cheap chinease imports)
All original leds are changed to blue to match new function leds
All new parts chosen by track record for durability (eg new 'cliff' sockets, as per analogue systems modular etc.)

A live session with the beast, the Kicker, and fx pedals: [below]
Pedal chain pain brain (live TR-606/PC-2 + pedals +fx) by highsage
[Modded Beast TR-606 and PC-2 fed into a modular pedal signal chain with built in feedback loops used to create chord sounds and filters in series to get vocally-type fx from LT/HT parts.
Recorded live off the mixer straight to tape with no edits. Kick is the Kicker pedal being fed the kick's trig out of the 606. Partial shot of the signal chain in the pic. Inspired by the music going on at Krautok / Maria right now in Berlin. Hope to do a similar set there live some time in the (very) near future!]

Anamorphology - Untamed by highsage
["Tonight a new alias is born. This first track sets the tone for anything appearing as Anamorphology ... untamed expression within the infinite curve of the analog domain. Dynamic. Alive. Real. Tangible. Techno."]

ASiD Compactor (September Monthly Acid Pattern) by highsage
["Aksen's September Acid pattern was so shit hot I decided to unleash 6 SiD Station Machines on the MnM against it, along with the beast 606, a slew of pedals, and some 'verb. Check out the rest of dyLABs September Acid Pattern Monthly submissions here: Give her a go...this month's pattern is dope!"]

Who's Afraid of Berlin (Fear your Machines Instead) LIVE 303/606 PA

YouTube Uploaded by shagghie on Oct 2, 2010

["Right? Instead of moving to Berlin to find our inner techno, I humbly submit we need to move closer inside our machines first. Berlin, like Detroit, can lead you to the water. To the spice. But it cannot make you drink. It is a place I will visit soon, and to my friends there, i come humbly, eager to learn further, and with respect.
But to all those in search of your inner techno, fear your machines first and foremost. Berlin is the forest, but the machines are the beasts...and it is within them, that we can transcend space and time, oceans and valleys, and unite as one creed.
Tonight, I fear Roland...
This one is dedicated to Julian of dubdubdubDAWTthebeastDAWTcoDAWTuk for the love and care he's put into these instruments as their creator."]

This machine has more character and grit than anything out there. Best snares you'll ever hear. Most "alive" Toms ever. Unique hats and cymbals, and a kick that is perfect for today's minimal and acid.

The temp mute switches are ingenious.. the ULTIMATE live jam and studio machine as a result.

Build quality is unparalleled for a modified Roland of this era. This machine has been used on Vinyl releases from Berlin, as well as digital techno and acid releases in North America. It is signed on the bottom (full disclosure) by Julian, its creator. Consider this a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Trig Ins and Outs
Massive and wide range tunings
Individual Outs
Momentary latch mute switches
Exotic sound
Amazing to behold and use
A true "wonder of the techno world"
Serial #1 of what is most likely the most rare roland cult machine on earth.
Low opening price considering these have gone for $4k+ in the past...

List of ToneControl mods:

bass pitch A
bass pitch B
low tom pitch
low tom impact
low tom noise level
hi tom pitch
hi tom impact
hi tom noise level
snare decay
snare pitch
snare noise filter
snare noise level
open hat decay
closed hat decay
hats filter
hats & cymbal filter
cymbal decay
cymbal tone
cymbal filter A
cymbal filter B"


  1. i'm sure it sounds as good as it looks, but the price is a joke,right?

  2. wow, yeah. it's a cool piece of gear, but for that price i could almost buy two DSI tempests.