Monday, September 26, 2011

Sequential Circuits Six Track $550+shipping

Contact: Taylor Bartholomew

SN 001200

"Fully functional. Cosmetic wear minimal.

Item will be shipped anywhere in US or Canada for shipping charge equal to that of cost of shipping via UPS or USPS

'The Six-Trak was an analogue synthesizer manufactured by Sequential Circuits in San Jose, California and released in January 1984. It is notable for being one of the first multi-timbral synthesizers, equipped with MIDI and an on-board six-track digital sequencer, hence the name. It was designed as an inexpensive and easily portable 'scratch-pad' machine for trying out arrangements. You can latch the arpeggiator and play along with sequences in real time. Also available is a unison mode which renders the keyboard monophonic but allows for very rich sounding timbres.'"

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