Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Post on MATRIXSYNTH-P

The following applies to MATRIXYSNTH-P and the MATRIXSYNTH-P listings on the right of each site.
If you are new to MATRIXSYNTH see this post.

The cost per post on MATRIXSYNTH-P is $5. The cost helps support the MATRIXSYNTH network, and the post helps support you. Posts will go up on MATRIXSYNTH Twitter and Facebook and will be displayed for a minimum of three days on the top right of MATRIXSYNTH, MATRIXSYNTH-B and MATRIXSYNTH-P.

To post on P submit the following for review to

1. Title: Title you want for your post.
2. Body: Text you want in the body of the post.
3. Media: images or links to video and/or audio (you will need to host them yourself on SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo or other). Images can be hosted on P and videos and audio can be embedded using any of the services mentioned.
4. email contact info if necessary (for items for sale). The email alias will be used as a label for the post as well. This will allow sellers to build a reputation and allow buyers to filter posts by sellers.

Anything can be submitted for a post, not just synths and not just items for sale. If you have any questions email

Note listings are similar to Criagslist in that they are 100% between the buyer and seller. MATRIXSYNTH assumes no responsibility and cannot vouch for either the buyer or seller. This site is a simple paid listings site. However, you will be able to review and leave comments in posts and you should be able to search by seller. Of course any bad seller can just create a new alias and email address, but this is the same on other sites.

Although you can submit anything for a post, there is a bar including no hate, discrimination, illegal file sharing, etc. The best way to find out if a post meets the bar is to send it in.

Payment is via Paypal to

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