Monday, March 25, 2013

monstrumWave 2.9 is available now!

Modern Waldorf Microwave II/XT/XTk standalone editor.

Complete with wavetable and waveform editor!

Works as a stand-alone editor for mac os (leopard - mt lion), windows (xp-8) and on linux [using wine and a Linux qualified USB/FW MIDI interface]. - 23,423 lines of code for only $66.6.

This project has gained massive support from customers since it was initially released as an official product in August of 2012. Customers had faith that I'd deliver on the waveform/wavetable editor. After a period of solid beta-testing from current customers this next revision is prepared for release with still no end in site to future feature adds which all monstrumWave customers receive for free - yep, buy monstrumWave and all future updates come to you at no charge.

Now.. you say you want an editor like this for the original all analog Waldorf Microwave? Ok, sure! Stay tuned...

Robert P. Wentz
Monstrum Media | Music, Sound & Software Design, Chicago / San Francisco |

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  1. monstrumWaveXT 2.95 released today, tons of new features:

    Selective parameter randomizer which allows you to lock/unlock sections (LFO1, Wave2, Free Env, etc) for randomization.
    Generate then print or mix Waveform Shapers.
    Shift waveform amplitude.
    Limit positive/negative amplitude.
    Negate waveform amplitude.
    Negate waveform time.
    Save/Load waveform to binary file.
    Implemented several feature requests and bug fixes.

    $79.99, lifetime free updates for all customers, get it at