Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free zipcreator Java app

"Whether you're a developer or collector, you can use zipcreator to archive your stuff. It's a cross-platform app, handy for moving files between computers.

You'll need Java to run zipcreator, but then just double-click the downloaded app to run - there is no installation stage.

Main features:
- Freeware, full version
- Create and update zip files up to 2GB in size
- In service worldwide since '05

For more info:"

A quick note on this post: Remember MATRIXYSNTH-P isn't just about synths, it's about anything supporters of the site want to promote. This tool will obviously be useful for some in the synth community.

Disclaimer: MATRIXSYNTH does not vouch for this software or any posts on this site. Always research what you find out there and use at your own risk. Contact for any questions. However, do feel free to comment.

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